Change the colors of the Windows console

  • Gérald Barré

The default colors of the console have been improved in the Fall Creators Update. The blue color was barely readable before that update:

At the same time, Microsoft has released a new tool to apply a custom color scheme. You can download the zip file on GitHub: Then, extract the archive and open a command prompt in this folder. You can now quickly change the color scheme using this command line:

colortool.exe -b campbell

There are multiple themes included:

  • Campbell
  • Campbell-legacy
  • cmd-legacy
  • deuteranopia
  • OneHalfDark
  • OneHalfLight
  • solarized_dark
  • solarized_light

For instance, solarized_dark:

You can also download custom theme on internet. Put the .itermcolors files in the theme directory and use colortool.exe -b <filename> to use them. You'll find lots of .itermcolors files on GitHub, for instance, iTerm2-Color-Schemes or iterm-colors.

Here's the 2 announcements from Microsoft:

You'll also find useful tips about the console in the following post.

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