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  1. Improve PowerShell performance by disabling progress bars
  2. Sharing the Renovate configuration across multiple projects
  3. Create a multi-arch Docker image for a .NET application
  4. How to test a Roslyn analyzer
  5. Roslyn analyzers: How to
  6. How to avoid conflicts when testing your dotnet templates locally
  7. How to check if a DLL and an exe is a .NET assembly
  8. How to use the latest target framework available for a .NET SDK
  9. Using type aliases to make code clearer with generics
  10. Computing code coverage for a .NET project
  11. Creating ico files from multiple images in .NET
  12. Json schema validation in .NET
  13. Convert DateTime to user's time zone with Blazor in .NET 8
  14. Generate OpenAPI specification at build time from the code in ASP.NET Core
  15. Set a blank page for new tabs in Microsoft Edge
  16. Optional parameters may appear in the middle of the parameter list
  17. Enable AutoLogin in Windows using .NET
  18. Getting all exceptions thrown from Parallel.ForEachAsync
  19. Creating an HttpClient that uses DNS over Https
  20. Enable the new TerminalLogger in .NET 8 SDK automatically
  21. Checking if a collection is empty in C#
  22. How to get assembly code generated by the JIT for a C# method
  23. Difference between CultureInfo.Get and new CultureInfo
  24. Making primary constructor parameters read-only
  25. Getting a handle for a directory in .NET


  1. Weak events in C#
  2. Resilient HttpClient with or without Polly
  3. Removing history versions of a file on OneDrive for Business
  4. Inline Snapshot testing in .NET
  5. How to monitor changes on a website
  6. Embedding additional files in an MSBuild binary log file
  7. Removing allocations by reducing closure scopes using local variables
  8. Reading a stream of JsonDocuments separated by new lines (ndjson)
  9. File paths in a Roslyn analyzer or source generator
  10. Customizing the behavior of record copy constructors
  11. Customizing the name of embedded resources in .NET
  12. Get the default value of a type at runtime
  13. How to test the logs from ILogger in .NET
  14. How to write logs from ILogger to ITestOutputHelper
  15. Accessing private members without reflection in C#
  16. Listing Windows virtual desktops using .NET
  17. Turn off monitors when locking the computer
  18. How to convert YAML to JSON with PowerShell Core
  19. How to stay up to date with .NET
  20. Supporting custom protocols in WebView2
  21. Sharing object between .NET host and WebView2
  22. Polyfills in .NET to ease multi-targeting
  23. Analyzer to validate the parameters of structured log messages
  24. Micro-optimization: Concatenating a string with a char using string.Concat
  25. Keeping your software up to date using winget and PowerShell
  26. How to cancel GitHub workflows when pushing new commits on a branch
  27. How to access the Roslyn compilation from a VS extension
  28. Tracking click on anchors in an HTML page
  29. How to use RuntimeHelpers.IsReferenceOrContainsReferences to micro-optimize collections
  30. Using rclone to backup OneDrive or Google Drive
  31. Debug ASP.NET Core application configuration
  32. Disabling HSTS for localhost on Chromium-based browsers
  33. How to detect Globalization-Invariant mode in .NET
  34. Generate large files using PowerShell
  35. How to Control Visual Studio from an external application
  36. Reading Windows Application Manifest of an exe in .NET
  37. Retrying a bash command
  38. Detecting Dark and Light themes in a WPF application
  39. Investigating a crash in Enumerable.LastOrDefault with a custom collection
  40. Listing all available ETW events in a .NET application
  41. Handling CancelKeyPress using a CancellationToken
  42. Too many timers in .NET?
  43. Measuring performance of Roslyn Source Generators
  44. Testing Roslyn Incremental Source Generators
  45. Extending the System Menu to add advanced commands in .NET
  46. Creating a custom Main method in a WPF application
  47. Prevent accidental disclosure of configuration secrets
  48. Using source-generated regex in ASP.NET Core route constraints
  49. Mocking an HttpClient using ASP.NET Core TestServer
  50. Using .NET code from JavaScript using WebAssembly
  51. Reducing Blazor WASM size by providing custom ICU data
  52. Detecting breaking changes between two versions of a NuGet package at packaging time
  53. C# 11 List Patterns - Create compatible types


  1. Adding dark theme to a website
  2. Generating a dump file when tests hang on a CI machine
  3. Self-hosting Chromium extensions
  4. Prevent http requests to external services in unit tests
  5. Starting a process as normal user from a process running as Administrator
  6. Killing all child processes when the parent exits (Job Object)
  7. 39 Misconceptions about date and time
  8. Debugging tips and tools
  9. Pasting text without formatting
  10. New rules for Blazor in Meziantou.Analyzer
  11. Configuring Visual Studio to manage using directives automatically
  12. Publishing a NuGet package using GitHub and GitHub Actions
  13. Ensuring best practices for NuGet packages
  14. How to generate a dump file of a .NET application
  15. Writing unsafe .NET code without the unsafe keyword
  16. Detecting Double-Writes in MSBuild using the binlog
  17. Getting user consent before executing sensitive code
  18. Performance: string.Create vs FormattableString
  19. Regex with IgnoreCase option may match more characters than expected
  20. Generating PInvoke code for Win32 apis using a Source Generator
  21. Using a custom build pipeline with Azure Static Web Apps
  22. Faster and Safer NuGet restore using Source Mapping and Lock files
  23. Running Lighthouse CI when deploying Azure SWA
  24. Using IAsyncEnumerable in a Razor component
  25. Replace characters in a string using Vectorization
  26. Finding the maximum value in an array using vectorization
  27. Faster Guid comparisons using Vectors (SIMD) in .NET
  28. Observing all http requests in a .NET application
  29. Using Avif codec for images to reduce web page size
  30. Using AV1 video codec to reduce web page size
  31. Round-robin DNS support in .NET HttpClient
  32. Performance: Lambda Expressions, Method Groups, and delegate caching
  33. Copying a collection: ToList vs ToArray
  34. Enabling IntelliSense for GitHub Actions workflows in VS Code
  35. Getting telemetry data from inside or outside a .NET application
  36. Sharing coding style and Roslyn analyzers across projects
  37. How to list all routes in an ASP.NET Core application
  38. Uploading multiple files using InputFile in Blazor
  39. Forcing HttpClient to use IPv4 or IPv6 addresses
  40. Converting code to the new Regex Source Generator
  41. Performance benefits of sealed class in .NET
  42. Validating a Blazor Form on the first render
  43. Executing code before Main in .NET
  44. Restore old right-click context menu in Windows 11 Explorer
  45. Executing GitHub Actions jobs or steps only when specific files change
  46. Update all Visual Studio instances from the command line
  47. Debugging a WebView2 component using Playwright in .NET
  48. Avoid DNS issues with HttpClient in .NET
  49. Parallelize test cases execution in xUnit
  50. Awaiting an async void method in .NET
  51. Deleting GitHub Actions artifacts using the GitHub REST API
  52. Using HTTP/3 (QUIC) in .NET


  1. Getting Roslyn (C# compiler) and Language versions
  2. Remove those useless File.Exists calls
  3. Fastest way to enumerate a List<T>
  4. Distributing applications that depend on Microsoft.Playwright
  5. Updating your project to use File Scoped Namespaces
  6. Monitoring a .NET application using OpenTelemetry
  7. File upload with progress bar in Blazor
  8. Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Subword navigation
  9. Creating a search engine for websites using Elasticsearch and Playwright
  10. Finding Duplicate Documents in MongoDB
  11. Downloading a SSL/TLS certificate in .NET
  12. I fixed a bug. What should I do now?
  13. Generate PDF files using an html template and Playwright
  14. Investigating an infinite loop in Release configuration
  15. How not to read a string from an UTF-8 stream
  16. Exploring the NuGet client libraries
  17. Enabling Reproducible builds when building NuGet packages
  18. Prevent refreshing the UI after an event in Blazor
  19. Reducing the length of GUIDs in URLs or Json payloads
  20. Configuring JSON options in ASP.NET Core
  21. Upload files with drag & drop or paste from clipboard in Blazor
  22. Removing elements after an animation in Blazor
  23. How to measure elapsed time without allocating a Stopwatch
  24. Locating MSBuild on a machine
  25. Supporting Hot Reload in your .NET application
  26. Infinite scrolling in Blazor
  27. Exploring Fluent Assertions
  28. Caching Enum.ToString to improve performance
  29. Different ways to check if a value is null in C#
  30. The Roslyn analyzers I use in my projects
  31. Finding concurrency bugs in a .NET application using Coyote
  32. Debugging a .NET assembly without the source code with Visual Studio
  33. Understanding the impact of Roslyn Analyzers on build time
  34. Debouncing / Throttling JavaScript events in a Blazor application
  35. Convert SVG files to PNG or JPEG using .NET
  36. Building .NET projects using the Microsoft.Build.Traversal SDK
  37. Tracking Cloudflare Worker requests using Application Insights
  38. Using raw html with isolated CSS in Blazor
  39. Be careful when mixing ValueTask and Task.Run
  40. Rewriting git history using C# (git filter-branch alternative)
  41. Binding decimal numbers using the oninput event in Blazor
  42. Running npm tasks when building a .NET project
  43. Automatically update WSL distributions using the Windows Scheduler
  44. Strongly-typed Ids using C# Source Generators
  45. Visualizing the code coverage results from Azure Pipelines in Visual Studio
  46. Multi-targeting a Roslyn analyzer
  47. Packaging a Roslyn Analyzer with NuGet package references
  48. Correctly converting a character to lower/upper case
  49. Automatically generate a form from an object in Blazor
  50. Simplifying paths handling in .NET code with the FullPath type
  51. Canceling background tasks when a user navigates away from a Blazor component
  52. Running GitHub Super-Linter in Azure Pipelines
  53. Defining NuGet restore sources in the csproj


  1. How not to create paywall
  2. Caching an IEnumerable<T> instance
  3. Never forget a #if when multi-targeting .NET libraries or applications
  4. Using .NET and PowerPoint to generate cover images
  5. Investigating a performance issue with a regex
  6. C# 9 - Improving performance using the SkipLocalsInit attribute
  7. Process.WaitForExitAsync is not the async equivalent of Process.WaitForExit in .NET 5
  8. Rendering raw/unescaped HTML in Blazor
  9. C#9 - init-only properties are not read-only at runtime
  10. How to get ASP.NET Core logs in the output of xUnit tests
  11. Optimizing Blazor performance using the @key directive
  12. Enumerating files using Globbing and System.IO.Enumeration
  13. Publishing a self-contained Blazor component (Razor + CSS + JS) as a NuGet package
  14. Capturing unmatched attributes and attribute splatting in Blazor
  15. Testing Blazor components using bUnit
  16. Creating a reusable loading indicator in Blazor
  17. Writing automated UI tests for ASP.NET Core applications using Playwright and xUnit
  18. Validating an input on keypress instead of on change in Blazor
  19. Streaming an HTTP response in Blazor WebAssembly
  20. Deploying a .NET desktop application using MSIX
  21. JavaScript Isolation in Blazor Components
  22. Calling public methods on Blazor component from another component
  23. CSS isolation in Blazor
  24. Lazy load assemblies in a Blazor WebAssembly application
  25. Using foreach with IEnumerator<T> / IAsyncEnumerator<T> in C# 9
  26. Copying text to the clipboard in a Blazor application
  27. Anchor navigation in a Blazor application
  28. How to use event.PreventDefault in Blazor
  29. Splitting code and markup into different files when creating a Blazor component
  30. Running and debugging a .NET Core application in WSL 2 from Visual Studio
  31. Optimizing a Blazor WebAssembly application size
  32. Using SQL Server HierarchyId with Entity Framework Core
  33. Showing a confirm dialog before doing an action in Blazor
  34. How to prevent the UI from freezing while executing CPU intensive work in Blazor WebAssembly
  35. Dynamically setting the page title in a Blazor application
  36. Avoid performance issues with JsonSerializer by reusing the same JsonSerializerOptions instance
  37. Checking if a property is an auto-implemented property in Roslyn
  38. Bypass HTTP browser cache when using HttpClient in Blazor WebAssembly
  39. Preventing double form submission in a Blazor application
  40. Auto focus an input element in a Blazor form on page load
  41. Binding parameters from the query string in a Blazor component
  42. Enforcing asynchronous code good practices using a Roslyn analyzer
  43. Generating and efficiently exporting a file in a Blazor WebAssembly application
  44. Optimizing JS Interop in a Blazor WebAssembly application
  45. Storing user settings in a Blazor WebAssembly application
  46. Detecting missing CancellationToken using a Roslyn Analyzer
  47. Creating a DataGrid component in Blazor
  48. ASP.NET Core Blazor components lifecycle
  49. Creating a Modal component in Blazor
  50. Exploring two-way binding in Blazor
  51. Creating a InputSelect component for enumerations in Blazor
  52. Showing a loading screen while initializing a Blazor application
  53. Customizing the Blazor WebAssembly loading screen
  54. Convert DateTime to user's time zone with server-side Blazor
  55. Creating a Repeater component with Blazor
  56. Publishing a Blazor WebAssembly application to GitHub pages
  57. Integrating Blazor components into Razor Pages and MVC apps
  58. Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Add project reference using drag & drop
  59. Versioning an ASP.NET Core API
  60. Opening Windows Terminal from the explorer
  61. How to change the default shell in Windows Terminal
  62. Security headers in ASP.NET Core
  63. Per virtual desktop single-instance application
  64. Handling aborted requests in ASP.NET Core
  65. Don't use methods with side-effects in LINQ
  66. Convert cmd scripts to PowerShell
  67. Get the result of multiple tasks in a ValueTuple and WhenAll
  68. Referencing an analyzer from a project
  69. Quick introduction to
  70. Split a string into lines without any allocation
  71. Show unnecessary imports in the Visual Studio's error window
  72. HTML multiple selections with datalist
  73. Using Monaco editor as an input in a form
  74. Sanitize HTML snippets with AngleSharp
  75. Using Windows Antimalware Scan Interface in .NET
  76. ASP.NET Core - JSON logger
  77. Optimize struct performances using StructLayout
  78. Struct equality performance in .NET
  79. How to correctly count the number of characters of a string
  80. How to protect against XML vulnerabilities in .NET
  81. Enforce .NET code style in CI with dotnet format
  82. Check if the current user is an administrator
  83. Prevent Zip Slip in .NET
  84. Prevent Zip bombs in a .NET application
  85. Deserialization can be dangerous


  1. Thread-safe observable collection in .NET
  2. Declaring InternalsVisibleTo in the csproj
  3. Fire and forget a Task in .NET
  4. Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Paste as JSON
  5. Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Open the documentation of a symbol
  6. How to use C# 8 Indices and Ranges in .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Framework
  7. Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Default startup project
  8. How to use Nullable Reference Types in .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Framework
  9. Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Find the current opened file in the solution explorer
  10. Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Regex editing
  11. C# 8: Nullable Reference Types
  12. Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Undock/Re-dock a tool window
  13. Regex - Deny of Service (ReDoS)
  14. Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Extend/Reduce selection
  15. Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Multi-line and multi-cursor editing
  16. Nullable<T>: Value vs GetValueOrDefault() in term of performance
  17. Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Open recently closed files
  18. Custom certificate validation in .NET
  19. Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Clipboard history
  20. StringBuilder performance best practices
  21. Website performance: How I've improved the performance of this website?
  22. Website performance: Why and how to measure?
  23. Why do I use a password manager?
  24. How to avoid storing secrets in the source code?
  25. Implementing Two-factor authentication in an ASP.NET Core application
  26. Automatically log in a user on a website using the Credential Management API?
  27. Helping users to create good passwords
  28. Convert music files from FLAC to ALAC
  29. How to prompt for a password on Windows?
  30. How to store a password on Windows?
  31. How to implement Password reset feature in a web application?
  32. How to store a password in a web application?
  33. Cryptography in .NET
  34. CI/CD pipeline for a Visual Studio extension (VSIX) using Azure DevOps
  35. Stop using IntPtr for dealing with system handles
  36. .NET Regex: \d is different from [0-9]
  37. Creating a FontAwesome bundle with only the icons you use
  38. ConcurrentDictionary + closure = 💔
  39. String comparisons are harder than it seems
  40. Some performance tricks with .NET strings
  41. Computing code coverage for a .NET Core project with Azure DevOps and Coverlet
  42. Working with types in a Roslyn analyzer
  43. Writing language-agnostic Roslyn Analyzers using IOperation
  44. Loading stylesheets asynchronously using a TagHelper in ASP.NET Core


  1. Writing a Roslyn analyzer
  2. Inlining a Stylesheet, a JavaScript, or an image file using a TagHelper in ASP.NET Core
  3. Inlining a stylesheet using a TagHelper in ASP.NET Core
  4. Integrating Google Analytics using dependency injection in ASP.NET Core
  5. Caching http requests for faster debugging
  6. Smart enums / Type-safe enums in .NET
  7. Use structures to improve the readability of your code
  8. Integration testing using a docker container
  9. Getting the date of build of a .NET assembly at runtime
  10. Exploring a MSBuild binary log using the binary log viewer
  11. Merging assemblies using ILRepack
  12. A tool to help you identify unused CSS rules
  13. C# compiler strict mode
  14. How to document an ASP.NET Core Web API using OpenAPI Specification (swagger)
  15. How to debug NuGet packages using SourceLink
  16. How to create a good bug report using Problem Steps Recorder
  17. How to enforce a consistent coding style in your projects
  18. Setting up my development machine
  19. How to publish a dotnet global tool with .NET Core 2.1
  20. Tip: Disable Windows Error Reporting (WER)
  21. Tip: Automatically create a crash dump file on error
  22. Write your own DOM element factory for TypeScript
  23. Library Manager, a client-side library manager in Visual Studio
  24. Which version of EcmaScript should I use in the TypeScript configuration
  25. Get the name of a TypeScript class at runtime
  26. JWT authentication with ASP.NET Core
  27. Hide your email address on GitHub
  28. Cancelling Console.Read
  29. Detecting console closing in .NET
  30. Generate an HTML form from an object in TypeScript
  31. Load native libraries from a dynamic location
  32. Comparing files using Visual Studio Code
  33. Test JavaScript code using Karma, Mocha, Chai and headless browsers
  34. Comparing files using Visual Studio
  35. MSTest v2: Testing against multiple frameworks
  36. MSTest v2: Execute tests in parallel
  37. MSTest v2: Customize test execution
  38. MSTest v2: Create new asserts
  39. Tip: Download Sysinternals tools from the console
  40. MSTest v2: Test lifecycle attributes
  41. Validation made easy with decorators
  42. MSTest v2: Data tests
  43. Starting a TypeScript project with Visual Studio Code
  44. MSTest v2: Exploring asserts
  45. Import polyfill using dynamic imports in TypeScript
  46. MSTest v2: Setup a test project and run tests
  47. How to migrate from JavaScript to TypeScript?
  48. Live unit testing in Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise
  49. Aspect Oriented Programming in TypeScript
  50. Filter Application Insights events in ASP.NET Core
  51. Change the colors of the Windows console


  1. Get an email when a new release of TypeScript is available using Microsoft Flow
  2. Using SSH on Windows
  3. Performance: string concatenation vs String.Format vs interpolated string
  4. Interpolated strings: advanced usages
  5. Combining modules with TypeScript
  6. Introduction to TypeScript modules
  7. Colorize the log in the Google Chrome console
  8. Detect missing await in TypeScript
  9. Detect common JavaScript errors with TypeScript
  10. TypeScript - nameof operator equivalent
  11. Quickly test SQL Server using Docker
  12. Compiling TypeScript using Gulp in Visual Studio
  13. Comparing implementations with BenchmarkDotnet
  14. Windows Console (cmd) Tips
  15. TypeScript - External Helpers Library
  16. Still not using TypeScript?
  17. Mocking an HttpClient using an HttpClientHandler
  18. Reset Windows Password
  19. Using Dropbox File Picker in a website
  20. Display toast notifications in a WPF application
  21. Using OneDrive File Picker in a website
  22. Testing EF Core in Memory using SQLite
  23. Starting a http file server from the file explorer using .NET Core 2.0 and Kestrel
  24. Upload files and directories using an input, drag and drop, or copy and paste with HTML5
  25. Debugging your .NET application more easily
  26. 4 ways to enable the latest C# features
  27. Testing an ASP.NET Core application using TestServer
  28. Entity Framework Core: History / Audit table
  29. Application Insights - Track HTTP Referer
  30. Suppress "Use 'throw' expression" suggestion
  31. Entity Framework Core: Specifying data type length and precision
  32. Entity Framework Core: View the model as text
  33. Validating user with cookie authentication in ASP.NET Core 2
  34. Use brotli compression with ASP.NET Core
  35. Analyse your code with NDepend
  36. Entity Framework Core: Soft Delete using Query Filters
  37. InternalsVisibleTo with strong-named assemblies
  38. Entity Framework Core: Generate tracking columns
  39. Using the Google Translate API in .NET or .NET Core
  40. Entity Framework Core: Naming Convention
  41. Cookie authentication in ASP.NET Core 2 without ASP.NET Identity
  42. Minimal ASP.NET Core Web API project
  43. Continuously publishing Nuget package to MyGet using VSTS
  44. Enable BitLocker AES-XTX 256 encryption algorithm
  45. Lock a BitLocker drive without restarting
  46. Post-Redirect-Get and TempData with ASP.NET Core
  47. ASP.NET Core - Precompiling razor views
  48. FileSystemWatcher intermittently throws an exception on Linux
  49. Creating a chat bot from a FAQ with Azure Q&A Maker
  50. Mixed producer-consumer scenario in .NET
  51. Starting a http file server from the file explorer using .NET Core
  52. Publishing an ASP.NET Core website to a Linux host
  53. Adding a free SSL certificate to a website hosted on nginx using Let's Encrypt
  54. Registering an Application to a URI Scheme using .NET (custom protocol)
  55. Using Application Insights to keep a site online
  56. Detect 404 errors with Application Insights
  57. Use Application Insights in a desktop application
  58. Generate a self-signed certificate for code signing
  59. Generate a changelog from VSTS work items
  60. Improve the security of your website using SSL and HSTS with ASP.NET Core
  61. Get the localization and time zone of your visitors
  62. Quickly insert millions of rows in SQL Server in .NET
  63. Be notified when a new release is created in a GitHub repository
  64. Advanced email address validation in .NET
  65. Improve the login experience with the Credential Management API
  66. Minify CSS and JavaScript files with Visual Studio and ASP.NET Core
  67. Enabling gzip compression with ASP.NET Core
  68. Caching static resources forever with ASP.NET Core
  69. Easily manage command-line arguments


  1. Page redirection and URL Rewriting with ASP.NET Core
  2. Generate an ico file from a list of images
  3. Test Webhooks with ngrok
  4. Easily generate dynamic html using TSX
  5. SQL Server 2016 SP1 - Licensing changes
  6. Using Web Sockets with ASP.NET Core
  7. Using Let's encrypt with ASP.NET Core
  8. Give focus to a ComboBox editable in WPF
  9. IIS Express & SSL
  10. Créer une extension pour Chrome/Opera/Vivaldi 🇫🇷
  11. Executing untrusted JavaScript code in a browser
  12. Creating an extension for Chrome / Opera / Vivaldi
  13. Ecrire un aspect personnalisé pour chiffrer et déchiffrer les valeurs d'une colonne 🇫🇷
  14. Convert a VMDK (VMWare) file to VHDX (Hyper-V)
  15. What's new in SQL Server 2016: Always encrypted
  16. What's new in SQL Server 2016: Temporal Tables
  17. Using the dev version of TypeScript with Visual Studio Code
  18. What's new in SQL Server 2016: Live Query Statistics
  19. What's new in SQL Server 2016: Stretch Database
  20. What's new in SQL Server 2016: Row-Level Security
  21. What's new in SQL Server 2016: Dynamic Data Masking
  22. Optimize the loading of images on a website
  23. Bootstrap + SASS = ♥
  24. Exploring the SQL Server Database Project in Visual Studio
  25. Deploying a SQL Server Database with Data-Tier Application (dacpac)
  26. Comparing execution plans with SQL Server
  27. What's new in SQL Server 2016: JSON


  1. The Keynote 'Introduction to R' at DEVIntersection
  2. The Keynote 'Windows Server Nano (aka TUVA)' at DEVIntersection
  3. How to make a Star Wars effect in HTML / CSS
  4. The Keynote 'Cloud' at DEVIntersection
  5. To CDN or not to CDN? Why do you need to choose?
  6. Showing code blocks on your blog
  7. Rich text editor in HTML and JavaScript
  8. ASP.NET 5 & Static Files
  9. SQL Geography, Google Maps & Geolocalisation
  10. Debugging a .NET assembly without the original source code using DotPeek
  11. SQL Server - Change Data Capture (CDC)
  12. Record audio with JavaScript
  13. SQL - Export the contents of a table
  14. Scan a document with Windows Image Acquisition
  15. Recursive queries with SQL Server
  16. Identifying missing indexes with SQL Server
  17. SQL Server - Discovering the HierarchyId data type
  18. Aider les équipes support avec Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) 🇫🇷
  19. Find a guid in a SQL Server database
  20. Utiliser l'API de OneDrive depuis une application Windows 🇫🇷
  21. Using FontAwesome in a WPF application
  22. ASP.NET WebForms Validators & Bootstrap
  23. How to deploy an application?
  24. Creating a compilation workflow for SASS with Grunt
  25. Application Recovery and Restart


  1. Prevent Windows shutdown or session ending in .NET
  2. SignalR and Fiddler
  3. jQuery Unobstrusive Validation and Bootstrap
  4. Detect the opening of a new window in C#
  5. Introduction to GoldParser
  6. Run a SQL batch containing "GO" in C#
  7. Export a list of .NET objects to Excel
  8. Easy reflection using a DynamicObject
  9. Test the connection to a SQL Server database
  10. How to bind an enum to a ComboBox in WPF
  11. Single instance of an application in C#
  12. Creation of a registration form with AngularJS and Bootstrap
  13. Write more generic WPF Converters
  14. Creating a Parser for Boolean Expressions
  15. OWIN and Katana - Creating an authentication middleware
  16. Web API & HTTP Basic Authentication
  17. Sauvegarder un mot de passe dans une Windows Store App 🇫🇷
  18. How to run a scheduled task
  19. Windows Credential Manager 🇫🇷
  20. Access the WinRT API from a desktop application
  21. Combine multiple .NET assemblies
  22. Windows Data Protection API (DPAPI) 🇫🇷
  23. Presentation of ExportSrc
  24. View and edit the Tab Order of Windows Forms Controls
  25. Mots de passe oubliés 🇫🇷
  26. Stockage des mots de passe 🇫🇷


  1. Code Contracts 🇫🇷
  2. PEX & Code Digger
  3. Enable Framework .Net 3.5 Offline


  1. ASP MVC: Mass Assignment
  2. Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  3. ASP MVC and XSRF
  4. How to prevent CSRF attacks
  5. SQL injections
  6. Show file extension in a SharePoint document library
  7. HotKey – Global shortcuts
  8. Impersonation and security
  9. Computing the size of a folder
  10. Binding the VisualStateManager to a property
  11. Choosing the right data structure
  12. Hyper-V - difference between Save and Pause
  13. SharePoint - Fail to upload certain file types with the Multiple Documents Upload window
  14. IIS - FTP with passive ports
  15. Install WordPress on IIS 7
  16. Install Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools on Windows Server 2008R2


  1. Performance test on empty string
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