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Filter Application Insights events in ASP.NET Core

Application Insights ingests lots of data: requests, traces, events, metrics, etc. If your web site has lots of users, the amount of data can be huge. This mean you pay for this data. While Application Insights is cheap, you may want to reduce the bill. One way is to sample the data. In short, you send only xx% of the events. This is the simplest solution. The other solution is to filter low value events… [read more]

Continuously publishing Nuget package to MyGet using VSTS

Step 1 - Create your NuGet feed using MyGet I use MyGet to publish my package for CI. The service is free as long as you don't exceed 500MB and it allows me to not polute with lots of in-development packages. Plus, the 500MB limits is very high and you can configure retention rules to automatically delete old package versions. Go to to create your first feed. Once you… [read more]

Creating a chat bot from a FAQ with Azure Q&A Maker

In many web applications I use, I can see a chat panel in the bottom right zone of the page. This is a great functionality to get help with a product. On the product I work on, we also have this kind of panel. Lot's of customer use it, so it's time consuming. Depending on the popularity of your product, you can spend from a few minutes to a few hours per day. If you analyse the question asked, you can see… [read more]

Using Application Insights to keep a site online

By default, web apps are unloaded if they are idle for some period of time. This lets the system conserve resources. If you have access to the IIS configuration, you can configure the idle time-out settings to 0 (details). If you are hosting your web app on Azure, you can enable the Always on option (details). But, if you cannot remove the idle time-out, here's a nice tip to keep your web site online. The… [read more]

Use Application Insights in a desktop application

Application Insights allows to monitor applications. Monitoring your application is very important to know which features are used, to track unexpected exceptions and performance issues, … With Visual Studio 2017, you can integrate Application Insights in a web application in about 30 seconds (or maybe less). However, there is nothing new for integration with desktop applications. This means you'll need… [read more]