Comparing execution plans with SQL Server 2016

The CTP3 of SQL Server 2016 has just been announced. So it's time to take a look at the new features provided by this version. As we have seen in previous articles, the SQL Server engine has evolved and brings many new features. Today we will see that SQL Server Management Studio has not been left behind. Indeed a new feature requested for quite some time appeared: the comparison of execution plans. When… [read more]

SQL Server - Discovering the HierarchyId data type

The hierarchyid type was introduced with SQL Server 2008. This type is used to represent and manipulate hierarchical data. Hierarchical data contain the notion of parent / child but also the notion of order between elements having the same parent. Values ​​of this type are actually stored in a binary form, for example 0x5AC0 or 0x58, but in practice we use character strings of the type '/' for the root or… [read more]