How to create a good bug report using Problem Steps Recorder

As a user, it's hard to explain an issue you have with a software. How to explain the problem to a developer who isn't next to you? A developer needs to know exactly how to reproduce your issue and fix it. As a developer, you know the users are not very good to explain their problems and you have to deal with incomplete explainations, so you have to guess a few steps. Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) is a… [read more]

Tip: Download Sysinternals tools from the console

Here's a nice tip to download all the Sysinternals tools in 3 command lines. You know all those awesome tools such as Sysmon, Process Explorer, Process Monitor, bginfo, and so on. net use x: \\ xcopy /s x:\ c:\sysinternals\ net use x: /d If you just want to use a tool from time to time, you don't need to download them all. Instead, you can open the Run window (Win+R) and enter the… [read more]