Tip: Automatically create a crash dump file on error

Crash dumps are very useful to debug an application. Recently, I worked on a Visual Studio extension we use in my company. It's very easy to develop such kind of application. However, there are lots of reasons for your extension to crash. Of course you can add lots of try/catch, but you'll for sure forget the good one, so VS will crash. When it's happening, you would like to be able to attach a debugger… [read more]

Starting a http file server from the file explorer using .NET Core 2.0 and Kestrel

The previous version of this post was using .NET Core 1.1. Today, we'll do the same but using .NET Core 2.0. The main change concern the web server startup method. If you’re developing html/js applications and want to test locally (file:///c:/...), many times your browser will prevent you from using some functionalities such as accessing local files using XMLHttpRequest. In Google Chrome, you can disable… [read more]