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Single instance of an application in C#

In this article we will see how to prevent a user from opening multiple instances of an application and how to notify the first instance when the user launches the second instance. Those who use VB.NET are probably wondering why this article. Indeed, just tick a box: In C# this options is unfortunately not available. However, we can find the same behavior by adding a reference to Microsoft.VisualBasic:… [read more]

How to enable concurrent sessions in Windows 7?

The procedure below works for Windows 7 Ultimate and Professional x86 and x64. This procedure may involve risks. For those who do not know what concurrent sessions are, it allows you to remotely control your computer while another user is using it, without it being disconnected. By default Windows 7 allows only 1 active user at a time. Thanks to this patch there is no longer any limitation. Step one:… [read more]