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In a console application I developped, I use FiddlerCore to intercept the http requests of an application. FiddlerCore modifies the network settings of Windows. So, before closing the application, you must restore the original network settings. In .NET you can register the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Break signals with Console.CancelKeyPress. This is the classic way of closing a console application. You can also close the console itself. which will of course kill your application. However, the CancelKeyPress event doesn't handle the closing of the console. Thus, the cleanup code won't run in this case.

Windows lets you register to the console events (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Break and also the close event) using SetConsoleCtrlHandler. At the beginning of your code, you can call SetConsoleCtrlHandler, so you will be able to cleanup your changes. Here's the complete code:

class Program
    private static extern bool SetConsoleCtrlHandler(SetConsoleCtrlEventHandler handler, bool add);

    private delegate bool SetConsoleCtrlEventHandler(CtrlType sig);

    private enum CtrlType
        CTRL_C_EVENT = 0,
        CTRL_BREAK_EVENT = 1,
        CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT = 2,
        CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT = 5,

    static void Main(string[] args)
        // Register the handler
        SetConsoleCtrlHandler(Handler, true);

        // Wait for the event
        while (true)

    private static bool Handler(CtrlType signal)
        switch (signal)
            case CtrlType.CTRL_BREAK_EVENT:
            case CtrlType.CTRL_C_EVENT:
            case CtrlType.CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT:
            case CtrlType.CTRL_SHUTDOWN_EVENT:
            case CtrlType.CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT:
                // TODO Cleanup resources
                return false;

                return false;

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Robert -

not working on CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT.

Gérald Barré -

@Robert It works on my machine when I clicking Close on the console window's window menu. How do you close you application?