IIS Express & SSL

  • Gérald Barré

IIS Express is a version of IIS that is optimized for developers. This version does not provide all the features of IIS, but it is often sufficient to develop a web application.

IIS Express is used by default by Visual Studio to host sites during development. By default, the site uses the HTTP protocol. For some sites, it is necessary to use the HTTPS protocol (for example to use third-party resources). In order to use this protocol, you must activate it explicitly.


  1. Select the project in solution explorer
  2. Show the Properties pane (F4)
  3. Set SSL Enabled to true
  4. Use the url specified for SSL URL

Enable SSL for an ASP.NET projectEnable SSL for an ASP.NET project

#Site ASP.NET Core

  1. Open the project properties
  2. Select the Debug tab
  3. Check the box Enable SSL
  4. Use the displayed url

Enable SSL for an ASP.NET Core projectEnable SSL for an ASP.NET Core project

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