#My projects


Meziantou.Framework is a collection of utilities for .NET, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core Blazor, WPF, Win32 APIs, etc.


Meziantou.Analyzer is a Roslyn analyzer to enforce some good practices in C# in terms of design, usage, security, performance, and style. It provides more than 100 rules


Meziantou.DotNet.CodingStandard is a NuGet package that allows sharing of Roslyn analyzers and .editorconfig files I use in my projects.


Meziantou.Polyfill is a NuGet package that provides polyfills for .NET APIs. It eases the multi-targeting of .NET, .NET Framework projects and .NET Standard by exposing many methods and types.


IssuesToRss exposes GitHub issues of core .NET repositories as RSS feeds. This is useful to follow the development of .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, Roslyn, etc.


Backup your files from a source to a destination. Source and destination can be any of File System, OneDrive, or SFTP. For instance, you can copy your local files to OneDrive, or from OneDrive to an SFTP. It can encrypt/decrypt files using AES encryption.


Moneiz is a web application for managing your bank accounts:

  • See all the transactions in one place
  • Plan recurring transactions (salary, rent, electricity, etc.)
  • Categorize transactions and analyze spending using charts
  • Search for transactions using many criteria
  • Create budgets (i.e. $200 per month for leisure activities)
  • Import and export transactions of all your accounts in the most common formats (Excel, OFX, QIF, CSV)
  • A hundred currencies are supported with their conversion rates.

##Window Manager

Window Manager allows easy placement of windows. Press Windows + NumPad to move the active window using the keyboard. If you need a more specific placement, you can select the desired area on a virtual grid representing the complete screen. Window Manager also allows you to change the transparency of a window and to set it to always stay on top.

##Password Manager

Password Manager allows storing your passwords in a centralized and secure way. Indeed the passwords are encrypted on the client workstation with the current encryption standards. Thus, the web service never has clear passwords in its possession and has no way to decipher them.

##Online Tools

A collection of tools that work directly in your browser.


WPFFontAwesome is a library to use FontAwesome in WPF application. It provides controls and constants to use the icons.

##Web Crawler

Web Crawler allows you to browse a website and automatically identify problems (invalid links, bad practices).

##Resources Editor

Resources Editor gives you a simplified way to edit resource files (ResX) by combining all cultures in the same view. You can filter entries, so even if your ResX files contain hundreds of entries you can find the one you want to edit. Resources Editor also helps your identifying missing translations by colorizing them.

##Unlock File

Unlock File identifies processes that lock a specific file and kill them. It provides a shell integration to quickly unlock a file.

##HTTP Cache

HTTP Cache creates a proxy on your machine to cache HTTP responses and serve them when possible. This tool reduces the time you need to develop/test software that relies on HTTP services. This tool also allows you to continue developing/testing even if the service you rely on is down. You can configure the requests to cache by using regexes.

##Other projects

I maintain and contribute to other open-source projects. You can find them on GitHub.