The Keynote 'Cloud' at DEVIntersection

  • Gérald Barré

This Keynote was presented by Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise group in Microsoft. You can find the webcast of this conference on Channel9. During this plenary Scott presented us the cloud according to Microsoft and what that can bring to the users.

He began by presenting the benefits of the cloud:

  • Agility: The services offered by Azure make it possible to quickly develop solutions and to deploy them just as quickly, it can even be automated (Continuous Integration)
  • Flexibility: You only use the services you want, with the possibility of hybrid cloud
  • Scalability: Simply move a slider to have more or fewer resources, and in some cases, it can even be automated, which can lead to cost reductions because it avoids over-provisioning

He then showed us that Azure was convenient for developers:

  • This platform is very well integrated with Visual Studio
  • It is possible to deploy applications developed in all languages (Java, nodeJS, etc.)

And that allows us to enjoy cool services:

  • Management (traffic, alerts, …)
  • Analytics including Application Insights
  • Integration and continuous deployment

Azure evolves quickly:

  • Improvements for existing services (e.g. "boot diagnostics")
  • New services such as data analysis (Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, PowerBI)

Several successes:

  • 3M: Developed a small application then made it grow very quickly using more and more Azure services
  • AccuWeather: Able to handle a lot of query a day (about 8 billion)
  • NBC: Raises capacity when streaming sports events, then returns to the normal charge

Some figures to highlight Azure:

  • Used by 80% of Fortune 500 companies
  • 24 Data Center is more than Google and AWS combined (no details on the size of data centers …)
  • More certifications than competitors

In conclusion, the cloud helps developing applications and it could help reduce cost if well used 😃

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