Update all Visual Studio instances from the command line

  • Gérald Barré

When you have multiple Visual Studio instances, the Visual Studio Installer allows you to update them one by one. This is not very convenient as the installer takes time to download and install newer versions. Daniel Cazzulino made a .NET tool to manage Visual Studio instances. This tool allows you to quickly update all Visual Studio instances on your machine:

dotnet tool update -g dotnet-vs
vs update --all

Here are the available options for the vs update command:

Usage: vs update [options] [--save=]
      --rel, --release       Update release version
      --pre, --preview       Update preview version
      --int, --internal      Update internal (aka 'dogfood') version
      --sku[=VALUE]          Edition, one of [e|ent|enterprise], [p|pro|
                               professional], [c|com|community], [b|build|
                               buildtools] or [t|test|testagent]
      --filter[=VALUE]       Expression to filter VS instances. E.g. `x => x.
                               InstanceId = '123'`
      --first                Update first matching instance.
      --all                  Update all instances.

dotnet-vs comes with other handy commands to manage your Visual Studio instances. For example, you can use dotnet-vs to install specific components to an instance of Visual Studio.

Edit May 9th, 2022: Visual Studio Installer now allows to update all instances at once:

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