Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Clipboard history

  • Gérald Barré

It's sometimes useful to copy multiple things to the clipboard and paste them later. However the clipboard can only contain 1 thing at a time. Visual Studio comes with a clipboard history which contains the 20 last items you copied to the clipboard.

To use it, press CTRL + SHIFT + V:

Visual Studio clipboard historyVisual Studio clipboard history

This is also available from the menu:

Accessing clipboard history from the menuAccessing clipboard history from the menu

The clipboard history was introduced in Visual Studio 2003. At this time, it was called "Clipboard ring".

#Windows Clipboard history (Windows 10)

Windows also comes with a clipboard history, press WIN + V to use it. You first need to enable it from the settings (documentation). In VS 2019, the popup is not located under the cursor but it works.

Windows clipboard historyWindows clipboard history

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